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From OY to JOY . . .
Beat Those Breast Cancer Blues!  

The JOYFIT Project


The JOYFIT Project is an evidence-based survivorship wellness program combining movement, laughter, plant-based nutrition, meditation and ongoing support following breast cancer treatment. 

The JOYFIT Project believes that EVERY woman has the right to know what she can do to reduce her risk of breast cancer, lymphedema and cancer recurrence. 

The JOYFIT Project's goal is to educate, empower and enhance the future health and well being of every breast cancer survivor long after the hubbub of treatment has ended . . . from OY to JOY, yes!

The JOYFIT Project is an ongoing wellness program offered at cancer centers, support groups, hospitals, churches and privately.





"A cancer diagnosis need not be the end, but rather the beginning of a life better lived . . . a wake-up call to mindfully live a happier, healthier life." ~ Sue Ansari RN, BS
Sue Carter Ansari RN, BS
Founder of The JOYFIT Project
Vodder Certified Lymphatic Therapist

Laughter Therapist

Living Light Culinary Institute, Vegan Chef

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Food for Life Instructor

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)    Facilitator

Sue Ansari is grounded firmly in the belief of mind, body and spirit medicine that she has combined with traditional medical practices for years. As a certified lymphatic and laughter therapist, vegan chef and wellness/cancer coach, Sue worked for many years at Gilda’s Club in both Grand Rapids and Royal Oak, Michigan presenting food, movement and laughter programs to breast cancer and lymphedema survivors. Additionally, she has presented laughter and wellness programs from coast to coast, as well as internationally for the past 21 years. The JOYFIT Project is a culmination of those programs.


Not a  stranger to cancer, Sue's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42, Sue at age 60 and her daughter at age 39.  Additionally, her mother, a polio survivor, suffered her entire life with lower limb lymphedema; currently, her daughter is dealing with breast and chest wall lymphedema following lumpectomy and radiation therapy. In January 2023, Sue was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with brain metastases; however, despite her most recent cancer diagnosis, Sue continues in her belief that EVERY woman has the right to know what she can do to reduce her risk of breast cancer, lymphedema and cancer recurrence. She is the author of the upcoming books,  "JOYFOOD" and " From OY to JOY, 50 Ways to Beat Those Breast Cancer Blues".

Linda Leclerc

Linda Leclerc, a JOYFIT Project pioneer, is also a pioneer of the Laughter Yoga movement in Canada. She has offered JOYFIT, as well as laughter programs, for many years at a local cancer center in Ottawa, Ontario as well as in Quebec. She is regularly invited by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter. Linda’s passion is to help women living with and without cancer, manage stress with laughter, while at the same time promoting whole body wellness. She presents and promotes wellness programs to companies and organizations throughout North America.

Linda Leclerc

JOYFIT Leader 

Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

Founder, The HaHa Sisterhood

The Team
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